SOL #1: I’m MOVING!!

So it’s finally happening. I’m moving.when I was told we are moving I got excited but sad at the same time. After the first few days my feelings went neutral because I didn’t know how to feel. Excited for a new home and closer to my family. Or feel bummed about leaving all my friends behind. My mom and dad were happy that we found a house. I was just thinking about how awkward it is going to be for me to be the new kid again. But I didn’t have a choice because the owner of my old house lost the house so I couldn’t really do anything about that. But I guess I’m just going to have to deal with it.

One Word Progress

So far I have been staying pretty active. At home I’m washing dishes doing laundry and all those other chores. For staying healthy I’ve been going to the gym with my dad since the weather is that nice right now. In school is where I’m having a problem. Like staying on task is a struggle for me. So is talking because I like to talk a lot. But other than school I’ve been staying active.

Funny Night

Yesterday I was in my room playing Gta 5 and it was around 1:30am, by that time everyone in my house is asleep. But I heard my 2 year old sister waking up, I thought she was going to go back to sleep. But instead she heard me playing PS4 then she came to my room and yelled at me to turn off the PS4.

My One Word

Have you ever tried being active for a whole year? Well I have, so this year my One Word is Active. This is my word because I need to start being more active in my classes, home and outdoors.

      The way I’m going to stay active in my classes is by avoiding people I might want to talk to and pay attention to what the teachers are saying. Sometimes it’s not other people that get me distracted, it’s sometimes my fault. So another way I’m going to stay active in my classes is trying to not only pay attention to the teacher but to what I’m doing and how I’m using my time.
      The way I’m going to be active in my house is no different than what I’m doing for school. One way I’m going to stay active at home is avoiding things that could probably waste a lot of time, like my phone or video games. Another way I’m going to stay active in my house is by doing all my chores before any of my parents get home so things are easier for them and me. I’m also going to use my time wisely then …


My Perfect Future is becoming a quarterback for either the Miami Dolphins or the New England Patriots. This would be my perfect future because football is the main sport I play. When I go to my cousin’s house and play football my cousins and brothers fight over who is going to have me on their team. Another reason why think this will be a perfect future is because I get a lot of compliments on how I throw. I can also do any play you want me to.


My Perfect Future is becoming a chef. The reason why becoming a chef is a perfect future is because ever since I was little I’ve been wanting to help my parents cook. Another reason that being a chef is my perfect future is because now that I’m older I try cook on my own. I might fail sometimes but sometimes the food is good. The last reason I think it is a perfect future is because my uncle is going to a cooking school and he has told me a few thing he does in that school.

The Outsiders

In The Outsiders there are plenty of similarities and differences between the movie and the novel. The differences and similarities between the movie and the novel is character dialogue or how a character acts.

        One similarity the movie and the novel have is that both Johnny and Dally die. In both the movie and the novel Dally gets shot by the cops after he robs a grocery store. Also Johnny dies in the hospital after he is rescued by Dally when part of the church fell on him.
        There are also differences. One difference in the movie and the novel is that in the novel Ponyboy gets slapped by Darry after he woke up in the vacant lot at 3am. But in the movie Ponyboy get pushed to the ground when he arrives from the vacant lot.Another difference between the novel and the movie is that in the beginning of the novel Ponyboy is walking to the movies introducing the readers the character in the story. But in the movie Ponyboy is starting to right about his past in a jour…